Al Burooj is a kids friendly magazine that is positioned for kids in the age group of 8 to 14 with the view to develop reading, knowledge, fun and wisdom.

Al Burooj in Arabic language means ‘The Lighthouse’.  Lighthouse  plays an important role in guiding voyagers to safe points in the land.   In the context of this magazine we make an attempt to steer kids to knowledge and fun in a simple reading style.  We hope it inculcates wisdom and profound thinking in kids in an age where they develop or should develop a habit for reading.

Al Burooj addresses topics in different sciences and areas that kids can relate in a simple manner.  It aims to trigger curiosity and thinking!  It aims to bring the ‘wow’ effect on topics that they may or may not get a chance to cut through in their regular school syllabus.  It raises empirical understanding about what they experience in this universe.   It enhances the habit of reading thus setting the direction for future learning.   It helps them connect in harmony with creations around them and The Creator.

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The Road Map for Al Burooj

We initiated the concept in Apr 2019 when the first digital issue was released as a pilot edition.  The response has been wonderful.  We committed ourselves to sustain the concept and creativity.  We have so far sustained the monthly release of the digital versions.  We plan to have the printed editions in the near future.  We aim to achieve the below milestones for Al Burooj.

Launch of digital version in English
Launch of print version in India
Launch of digital version in Arabic
Launch of digital version in French
Launch of digital version in Russian
Launch of print version in other countries

How can you support?

Encourage kids (8 to 14 yrs) to read Al-Burooj.
You can subscribe to the print version (if available).
You can be a patron and support the Al Burooj team.
You can contribute content as part of the global contents team.
You can embrace Al Burooj print version projects in other countries.
You can always leave a feedback related to Al-Burooj.